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Welcome Friend !

If you are visiting this site, then you are either a pre-diabetic or diabetic, or one of your loved one has developed this disorder.

When we are diagnosed, we all go out to the internet to look for "cure for diabetes" or "can diabetes be reversed?". Unfortunately, just like the myth of eternal youth, diabetes is also not "curable".

People in this disorder start with medicine and eventually reach injecting insulin. But those who have mastered the art of controlling diabetes, can even be without medicine for a long time and can even avoid reaching the stage of injecting insulin. And believe me, at many times, people with good control outlive their contemporaries who were without any ailments. You will come across people who were diagnosed at early 30's and they are leading an active and healthy life even in their 80's.

The success this active life was their monitoring and control. These people meticulously monitored themselves and took corrective actions timely.

Friend of Diabetic is a software that is here for you, to help you achieve this control. You can control only if you know what to control, where you are deviating, what are your trends. This is what this website provides. A place where you can log your critical parameters periodically, and know where you are going with this disorder.

Next time you visit your doctor, you would be much more informed about yourself and you can ask the right questions with your data.

Wish you a long and healthy life. It is a free software, try it see what you can unearth about yourself.

Crisp Reports

Easy reports of your logged data

Dashboard, lets you know your vital parameters today.

blood glucose report


See your trends quickly by looking different graphs.

Spot your deviations or compliance fast.

blood glucose chart


Useful analysis of your data and interesting observations

Know yourself better..

Plan your corrective actions with information

blood glucose chart

Mobile friendly

Auto adjustments of page based on the size of screen of your smartphone or tab.

Log and view your data from anywhere.

mobile blood glucose report

Free registration for your doctor

Your doctors get a free registration.

Invite your doctor and share your data online.

Share data with your friends

Invite your registered friends and share your achievements with them.